Rolling along on the Vegetarian Adventure

Yes.  I’m still on the vegetarian adventure.  I get questions about it all the time, but not many comments posted here.  I keep sending you peeps to the blog, as your questions and comments are great for public consumption.

It has not been hard to stay vegetarian at all, other than the momentary temptations when an Outback commercial comes on TV.  I have found there to be innumerable eating options within the vegetarian diet.  The bigger challenge is with trying to go to a Vegan diet.  The distinction between being Vegan and Vegetarian is that the former goes beyond not eating meat to not eating or drinking anything that comes from an animal.  Vegans are definently in it for the ethical reasons, even though it is a much healthier version of vegatarianism.  i recently read somewhere that Vegans make up about 1% of the population.

i find it harder to eat like a Vegan, especially this time of year with the natural desire to consume large quantities of Bluebell.  Perhaps the folks in Brenham (TX) are toying with a soy recipe.  There are soy ice cream products out there and I hope to find some here soon and give them a try.

More recent finds about this topic:

An interesting article about one of the first vegans is here.

ABC News: Vegetarian Food Chain? Some Sense Bias

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I am Pastor of Church for the Highlands in the Highland neighborhood of Shreveport, LA. I am also Chaplain of Volunteers of America of North Louisiana. I am husband to Jinny and father to a middle-schooler named Jack. Most of my time is taken up with starting a church, but I love running, a good cigar, and reading what mystics have lived and written. Member of Citizen Potawatomi Nation.
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4 Responses to Rolling along on the Vegetarian Adventure

  1. JaneDoughnut says:

    They also have rice ice creams which are pretty good. In S’port, try the Target on Youree or the Kroger’s right down from it.

  2. Sam Griffin says:

    I had a steak at Outback last Sunday. Your not missing out on much…it wasn’t very good.

  3. John Henson says:

    That does make me feel better!

  4. John Henson says:

    Thanks for the heads up, Jane Doughnut. Hope you are settling in out there in NM.

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