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Who Came Up with Christian Rock Anyway?

Slate has the history here: The freaky origins of Christian rock. – By Erik Davis – Slate Magazine Technorati Tags: Jesus Freaks, Christian Rock, Lonnie Frisbee Powered by ScribeFire. Advertisements

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Could Homer be Benedictine?

I’ve recently posted and preached on the need for a balance between work and life.  FastCompany listed the following reasons Homer Simpson gets it. D’oh! Ten Reasons Homer Simpson Understands Work/Life Balance Technorati Tags: The Simpsons, balance Powered by ScribeFire.

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Religious Simpsons

I love the Simpsons and can’t wait to see the movie. has put together all the religious episodes here.

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Work and Rest

My sermon on Sunday, “Going Benedictine” was from the lectionary reading (Luke 10:38-42) about Martha and Mary.  They are perfect illustrations of the balance needed between work and rest.  I was reading the article (see link below) about the younger … Continue reading

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Vegetarians and Protein

I haven’t blogged about the Vegetarian Adventure (it is still going well and is so easy to maintain in this season of fresh tasty veggies and fruits) in a while and thought I would do so today on a common … Continue reading

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Merton on Peace

I was hunting for a good Merton quote today and found this one on peace along the way: Peace demands the most heroic labor and the most difficult sacrifice. It demands greater heroism than war. It demands greater fidelity to … Continue reading

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Great News

The front page (link below) of the Shreveport Times today reports on a $150 million recycling mill, one that will create jobs but, even better, will help us to join other cities who are making a difference to help the … Continue reading

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