Great News

The front page (link below) of the Shreveport Times today reports on a $150 million recycling mill, one that will create jobs but, even better, will help us to join other cities who are making a difference to help the environment. It has been possible to recycle here, but not without a lot of effort to haul products to selected sites.  With the the mill, we should have curbside recycling in 2008.  Read more below:

The Shreveport Times:  Recycling Mill

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About John Henson

I am Pastor of Church for the Highlands in the Highland neighborhood of Shreveport, LA. I am also Chaplain of Volunteers of America of North Louisiana. I am husband to Jinny and father to a middle-schooler named Jack. Most of my time is taken up with starting a church, but I love running, a good cigar, and reading what mystics have lived and written. Member of Citizen Potawatomi Nation.
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2 Responses to Great News

  1. Jack Alda says:

    Who are the organizers of the “New Baptist Covenant”?
    1- Bill Underwood
    A leftist Baptist leader. He tried to become president of Baylor University; but the Baylor regents decided he was too liberal. Key to his defeat in Waco were revelations that he had supported a Planned Parenthood event:

    Click to access Fool04FlyerOnePage.pdf

    2- Bill Clinton
    Needs no introduction; but he has the most to gain by moving Baptists votes in the south for Hillary.
    3- Jimmy Carter
    A leftist politico who supports ordination of gays, and abortion rights. See this article:

  2. John Henson says:

    You seemed to be so upset that you posted your comments under my post on recycling. I will try to move them over to a New Baptist Covenant post. Reading your post affirms for me even more the need for a new Baptist covenant, bringing Baptists together who are not afraid of each other’s differences but who are willing to work together for the Gospel.

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