Kindle and the Church

Chuck Warnock has an article on Ethics Daily about the future of churches, inspired by his contemplation of the future of books in light of Kindle 2 arriving on the scene.

Though I fancy myself as quite green in my outlook on life and in lifestyle, I am a hardened bibliophile and love my paper books.  I have more than I can keep up with and really look them as my friends.  I am happy to read from a screen and actually do that almost every minute of the day on my Mac or iPhone.  I am willing to make the change, but a little slow in shifting from the feel of words on paper to the glare of a screen.  My feelings are much like those of us who have lived mostly in a church-centered world but who are now finding ourselves in a post-church world.  Warnock addresses this in his article below. Check it out at the link below.

We’ll still have bricks-and-mortar churches, but also house
churches, coffee shop churches, outdoor churches, churches that meet
once a month, churches that meet online, churches that consists of
groups which interact frequently, and churches that we can’t even
imagine yet. We will also see “single market” churches that focus on
the homeless or the physically handicapped or the poor or any niche
group you can think of.

The Future of Churches: A Network of Niches on

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