Finding our purpose

I feel a bit strange blogging on Sunday morning, as I'm usually in the middle of a worship service, getting ready to preach at this time on Sunday mornings.  I'm telling myself not to get used to it, as the reason we aren't meeting this morning is due to some scheduling challenges at the Highland Center this morning.  The good thing about starting a church, though, is that there aren't any traditions yet.  Give it a week and we will already have some.

Our gathering tonight will be focused around our purpose statement (we are still tweaking it, but it's center will be the same), which is really quite simple:

To continue Jesus' work of loving God and neighbor in our world today.

Yes, it is simple, no more complicated than how Jesus put it to the man who seemed to have his religious life all together.  His spiritual life was highly complicated, as he was completely devoted to keeping thousands of laws of his religion.  I think Jesus' words to him were not only a new command for life, but an act of compassion on a man who had missed the point about God and life.  Our group meeting tonight will be about the first half of that statement, "to continue Jesus' work of loving God."  This is where life begins.  And this is where church begins.

If you are local and looking for a new adventure in the love of and for God, we will be meeting at the Highland Center, 520 Olive, 5:00 PM.  We will enjoy a light supper (bring your favorite dish of food to share with others), Bible study, worship, planning and prayer.  Children and Youth will have a study as well.  Email me for more information. You can also visit our site at Church for the Highlands.


About John Henson

I am Pastor of Church for the Highlands in the Highland neighborhood of Shreveport, LA. I am also Chaplain of Volunteers of America of North Louisiana. I am husband to Jinny and father to a middle-schooler named Jack. Most of my time is taken up with starting a church, but I love running, a good cigar, and reading what mystics have lived and written. Member of Citizen Potawatomi Nation.
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